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Riddhiman Medhi

Office: LSC 454

               Loyola Science Center

               204 Monroe Ave.

               University of Scranton

               Scranton, PA - 18510

Phone: +1 570-941-7692


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Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor - University of Scranton (2022-Present)

Postdoctoral Associate - Cornell University (2020-2022)


Ph.D. in Chemistry - University of Houston (2020)

M.Sc. in Chemistry - Gauhati University (2015)

B.Sc. in Chemistry - Gauhati University (2013)

My Story

Riddhiman Medhi obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Houston, where he worked with Prof. T. Randall Lee.  Riddhiman's dissertation was awarded the prestigious Dan E. Wells Outstanding Dissertation Award - Summer 2020, by the  School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Houston. Riddhiman's research efforts also earned him the Jay K. Kochi fellowship-funded Graduate Student Research Award in 2020 for excellence in research.  Riddhiman's research focused on novel optoelectronic nanoparticles with composite architectures for applications in renewable energy, biomedical therapy, and environmental remediation.  Riddhiman specifically studied gold-silver nanoparticles in conjunction with doped metal oxides for unique optoelectronic activation, leveraged for photocatalytic water-splitting, gas sensing, and pollutant mitigation.  Additional projects explored biomedical drug delivery and protein detection using nanoparticles, as well as CO2 capture and conversion.  

Following his Ph.D., Riddhiman pursued post-doctoral research at Cornell University with Prof. Christopher K. Ober. At Cornell, Riddhiman worked on polymeric coatings with surface-active functionalities for chemically disrupting the fouling mechanisms of marine foulers.  Additionally, Riddhiman also worked on anti-penetration coatings for textile engineering.  During this time, Riddhiman worked at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, conducting synchrotron X-ray studies on polymer coatings.

Riddhiman obtained his B.Sc. (cum laude) and M.Sc. (cum laude) in Chemistry from Gauhati University in India, specializing in inorganic chemistry. Riddhiman's M.Sc. thesis research focused on the synthesis and catalytic application of templated nanoparticles.

In Fall 2022, Riddhiman started his independent research lab as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, University of Scranton, PA.


I'm always looking for students and collaborators interested in exploring materials chemistry research and applications. Let's connect.

+1 570-941-7692

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