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Research Areas

Our research broadly focuses on the synthesis and application of novel materials for a sustainable future.

Our research exploration covers fields of inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, surface science, materials discovery, and fabrication.

Inorganic Nanomaterials

Our group explores new methods to synthesize complex nano-architechtures from metals and their oxides both as colloidal nanoparticles as well as nanoscale thin films.



Our group employs classical anionic and radical polymerization techniues to synthesize various copolymers and polymer brushes with active functional moieties.


Materials Synthesis

Surface Chemistry

Surfaces and Interfaces

The majority of chemical processes take place exclusively at surfaces. Our group explores to understand and manipulate the physical and chemical process occuring at the surfaces of films and nanoparticles to unlock new possibilities.

Additionally, we also study the chemical and electronic processes taking place at interfacial regions such as oil-water interface and nanoscale heterojunctions.



Materials synthesized in the lab possess unique optical and electrical properties that are utilized for fabricating sensors, solar cells, batteries, generating alternative fuels, and environmental remediation.


Bioinspired Composites

Polymers synthesized in the lab are deployed as anti-fouling coatings, while also being combined with inorganic nanmaterials to fabricate stimuli-responsive platforms for targeted medial treatment.


Applied Science

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